Plenary session, which will take place in July 2019 in Saint-Petersburg, will be dedicated to discussion of “Energy transformation – a new map of the future” topic. The corresponding proposal of the Russian National Committee of the WPC was approved by participants of the meetings of the Executive and Program Committee of the World Petroleum Council, which ended in Krakow (Poland).
The director of RNC of the WPC Vlada Streletskaya, who took part at the session, shared that other proposals of Russia on the structure and themes of the technical sessions of the Forum program were approved in Krakow. The business program will be divided into three blocks: Innovation, Sustainable Development and Leadership.
Forum of young specialists of the oil and gas industry held in Russia is a kind of prologue of the 23rd World Petroleum Congress (Houston, USA, 2020). In this regard, it is considered expedient to synchronize the technical program of the 6th Future Leaders Forum with the agenda of the World Petroleum Congress. In particular, one of the focuses of the discussion will be the topic “Competencies and skills for innovative solutions”.

«Finding effective answers to new challenges of energy agenda is an urgent, challenging, interesting and responsible task for young specialists in the oil and gas industry, based on their work and on the experience of older generations and the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress. The topic of energy transformation has many faces and many forks. It is natural that the topic will become a backbone for the discussion of participants on the Future Leaders Forum, 2019”, – said V.Streletskaya.

6th Future Leaders Forum will be held on June 23-28, 2019 in St. Petersburg, Russia. It is assumed that it will become the largest, for the entire period of holding the youth forums of the World Petroleum Council. St. Petersburg Mining University, where they will live and communicate. It is preparing to take up to 2 thousand young oil and gas professionals from around the world. An exhibition is planned to be held. Guests will be offered an extensive cultural program.
The Organizing Committee of the Forum, approved by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation, is headed by the Minister of Energy of Russia Alexander Novak.

Moreover, negotiations concerning development and maintenance of information cooperation and promotion of the Forum took place between the Director of RNC WPC Vlada Streletskaya and the editor of the OPEC Information Department Maurin McNeill.