At the annual meeting of the World Petroleum Council held in Astana, the Director of the Russian National Committee of WPC, Vlada Streletskaya, reported on the preparation of the 6th Youth Forum of WPC – Future Leaders Forum, which will be held in St. Petersburg in June 2019. The members of WPC gave a high assessment of the level of preparation that Russia shows. It was noted that the venues satisfies the standards of the World Petroleum Council, the city’s infrastructure is well adapted to major international events, the technical program takes into account the interests of both young professionals and recognized world experts, and the cultural program is fascinating. The first issue of the «Newsletter» of the 6th Youth Forum of WPC “Future Leaders”, a new periodical publication of RNC WPC, deserved special attention.

At the meeting of the Executive Committee of WPC, which also discussed the preparation of the Future Leaders Forum – 2019, it was noted that the success demonstrated by RNC WPC is directly related to the interest and great support provided by government agencies and departments, as well as the chairman and vice-chairman Organizing Committee. “We cannot ignore the fact that the personal participation of the Minister of Energy of Russian Federation in preparing for the Future Leaders Forum of WPC brings the event to a completely new quality level,” said President of WPC Tor Fiaeran.

The issues of international cooperation in connection with the preparation and holding of the Youth Forum were discussed in more detail at the meeting of the Young Professionals Committee of WPC, which was also held in Astana. Having heard the report of the official representative of Russia in the Youth Committee Lesana Kurbonshoeva, the colleagues made a number of specific proposals. In particular, it was decided that members of the Youth Committee will become moderators of plenary sessions, round tables and panel sessions, as well as act as speakers at the Youth Technical Sessions. The initiative to hold a meeting on the mentoring program within the framework of the 6th Future Leaders Forum of WPC was supported.

Considerable attention was paid to the synchronization of the program of the Future Leaders Forum – 2019 with the agenda of the 23rd World Petroleum Congress, which will be held in 2020 in Houston. Thus, Youth Committee of WPC is currently engaged not only in the preparation of the 6th Youth Forum, but also in the formation of the Youth Program of the World Petroleum Congress.

The issues of the upcoming Youth Forum were also discussed at the Program Committee Meeting. For the first time, a competition of research projects of young specialists was included in the program of the Forum. The chair of the Committee, Pedro Miras Salamanca, called on colleagues to join the expert committee to select the best scientific papers, the authors of which will be invited as speakers of the Youth Technical Sessions of the 6th Future Leaders Forum of WPC.

In addition, the Russian delegation held in Astana a presentation of the Future Leaders Forum for students and young professionals who participated in “The Conference on Investment Opportunities: New Solutions for Sustainable Growth”, organized by the KAZENERGY Association together with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. KAZENERGY International Conference is one of the largest and most reputable sites in Kazakhstan for professional communication of representatives of the energy sector. The opportunity to tell here about the upcoming Future Leaders Forum has increased the visibility of the event and attracted the attention of young specialists in the oil and gas industry and managers of energy companies in Kazakhstan, as well as several other countries.