The 3rd day of the Future Leaders Forum was opened by a Breakfast with CEOs. The event was moderated by Lesana Kurbonshoeva from the WPC Russian National Committee. The speakers were Pedro Miras Salamanca, Chairman of COREX, Igor Afanasyev, Deputy General Director, JSC Zarubezhneft, Michael Collins, CEO, Salym Petroleum Development. The session was run in a format of conversation between the Forum’s participants with CEOs of the energy companies. During the informal discussion participants asked questions about the industry, new technologies, career path and leadership. The speakers talked about their experiences and shared their ideas about the future of oil and gas industry.

The speakers mentioned that it is important not to underestimate your power and skills. They talked about education in detail and how it plays an important role in building your career. Speakers of the event have also shared their life stories and cases they had to deal with during their career, talked about their favorite days of the week and gave book recommendations to future leaders of the forum.

There were several interesting questions from the audience regarding mistakes that speakers made in the past that they regret doing in the future. Igor Afanasyev, Deputy General Director, JSC Zarubezhneft explained that he regretted not going to a music school, because when he wants to play a musical instrument now, he can’t due to the fact that he doesn’t have the necessary skills and doesn’t hear the music well. The speaker said that this concerned sport as well. He would love to spend more time doing sports in the past.

Anyone can become a professional, but not every professional can be a CEO. It is important to be broad-minded, and that is a key thought we all need to think about.