A regular meeting of the Organizing Committee under the chairmanship of Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander V. Novak was conducted in Moscow. The subjects of the meeting were the preparation and realization of the 6th WPC Youth Forum – Future Leaders Forum. Considering that the forum will start in less than 2 weeks, the main attention of the Committee was given to the readiness state of the events and facilities of the Forum.

Director of the Non-Commercial Partnership «Russian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council for the organization and holding of World Petroleum Congresses» Vlada V. Streletskaya apprised the Committee members of the Future Leaders Forum participants list and the Technical Programme content. The registration of delegates is continuing, however, the Сommittee has already received delegate participation request from more than 60 countries. Unique conditions for international professional communication, contact establishment and the discussion of the industry future development are being formed.

The Technical Programme has been established. Plenary sessions and sections, that include a wide range of topical issues concerning the functioning of the industry and energy markets, will continue for 3 days. Young specialists will be able to listen to Russian and foreign executives from major energy companies, leading experts and scientists. About 100 young people, who have passed preliminary selection, will take part in Youth Technical Sessions.

The main activities of the Technical Programme gram will take place in Saint Petersburg Mining University. The information concerning the readiness of Forum facilities for the event and a huge preparational work was presented to the Committee by Vice-rector on International Activity of the Mining University Vladimir T. Borzenkov. He pointed out that the results of the conducted work leave no doubt that the Future Leaders Forum will achieve a very high organizational standard.

The guests and delegates of the Forum will be able to attend a diverse and impressive Cultural Programme. The audience of the meeting received this information from the Deputy Chairman of St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee Nana M. Gvichia. An exclusive evening excursion at the Hermitage Museum and a special cruise-ship route were developed specifically for the participants of the Forum. Particular attention is put on the Opening and Closing ceremonies, which will take place in the Mariinsky Theatre historical hall and at the Konstantinovsky Palace in St. Petersburg.

The Organizing Committee discussed issues of Forum budget implementation, participants accommodation, and transportation issues and the thematical decoration of the city. It was recognized that a considerable amount of work has been done and reliable preconditions for the successful conduction of the Future Leaders Forum have been developed.

Alexander V. Novak highly evaluated the attitude towards the Forum from oil and gas companies. Many of them have become official sponsors of the event, provided assistance in practical issues during the organization and sent their representatives to the Forum. The Minister highlighted the role of the Administration of St. Petersburg and the Mining University Administration. Their assistance and support played a crucial role in the preparation process of the Future Leaders Forum.

In closing the meeting Alexander V. Novak announced his personal participation in Forum events and called upon the executives from oil and gas companies to do likewise. “Senior executives of energy companies should be interested in this kind of communication because it is enabling us to better understand the younger generation. And for the young people it is a unique opportunity to broaden their horizons and prove themselves”, – said Alexander V. Novak.