The participation of volunteers in World Petroleum Council’s events is an old and well-established tradition. Volunteers work at all World Petroleum Congresses and at Youth Forums of the WPC.

The Russian National Committee of the WPC has a vast experience and a good school of organising the volunteer movement. Summing up the results of the World Petroleum Congress 2014 in Moscow, the World Petroleum Council recognised the work of our volunteers as the best in the practice of the WPC. Such a high grade commits to a very responsible attitude towards to the volunteer team formation and training for the Future Leaders Forum 2019 in Saint-Petersburg.

Every young person not older than 35 had the opportunity to reiterate its interest in getting into the volunteer team. This way of participation in the Forum is pretty attractive. Volunteers are exempted from the registration fee. With that, they have the opportunity to take part in discussions and other events of the Forum.

Approximately 400 young people from more than 30 countries of the world declared their desire to become volunteers of the Future Leaders Forum. The organizers of the Forum had to solve a difficult task – the most of candidates demonstrated excellent professional and communication skills, convincingly substantiated their motivation, but the recruitment of a team of volunteers is limited to 200 people.

The results of the interviews confirmed the high level of competence of the majority of applicants. But we had to choose the best of the best, and it was very difficult. We tried to select the most capable, bright, motivated candidates.

Geographical spread of volunteers (by countries of origin)
Total: 32 countries

Azerbaijan Moldova
Belgium Nigeria
Brazil Oman
Cameroon Pakistan
Canada Poland
China Romania
Croatia Russia
Egypt Serbia
France South Sudan
Germany Spain
Ghana Turkey
Hungary UK
India Ukraine
Indonesia USA
Iran Uzbekistan
Kazakhstan Vietnam

Geographical spread of volunteers (by countries of residence)
Total: 31 countries

Australia Italy
Austria Kazakhstan
Azerbaijan Malaysia
Brazil Nigeria
Canada Oman
China Poland
Croatia Romania
Denmark Russia
Egypt Serbia
France Spain
Germany Switzerland
Ghana Turkey
Hungary UAE
India UK
Indonesia USA

Age distribution