What is the Volunteer Program?

The Organizing Committee of the Forum will provide the future volunteers not only with free-of-charge delegate’s ticket (the standard price for other participants accounts for $400 per person) but also will cover the accommodation expenses and lunches for Program’s participants during the course of the Forum. The Volunteers will have an opportunity to visit all Technical sessions within the Forum’s program plus will get a unique chance to meet, communicate and establish contacts with students and young professionals coming from Russia and all over the world, as well as to talk to and get valuable recommendations from the acknowledged O&G industry experts! Our goal is to give each volunteer an opportunity to try his/her hand in different roles and unlock own potential while accomplishing various functions, however preliminarily, for this moment, we have set a time limit for the every day “working shift” for a single volunteer equal to 3-4 hours. Still, during the Forum itself we will do our best to give every volunteer as much time and opportunities as possible, so he/she will be able to approve yourself.

Who can take part in the Volunteer Program?

Any student or YP under the age of 35. The covering of transport expenses (arrival to St. Petersburg and departure) is the responsibility of the volunteers. Foreign volunteers can also submit the application for participation through the offices of the National Committee of the WPC of the country of residence/stay.

What is expected from the participants of the Volunteer Program?

The Volunteers are to take the actual part in the Forum in accordance with the official program. The arrival of the Volunteer Program’s participants to St Petersburg is planned before the beginning of the Forum – it is essential because then the future volunteers will be able to take part in the final training, to become familiar with the immediate organizational goals and to get acquainted with other members of the volunteer team.

Participation in this training is obligatory for volunteers.

Number of volunteer vacancies: 200 people

Potential volunteers: students and YP (18-35 y. o.)

Schedule of VP of FLF-2019


June 20, 2018 – December 1, 2018 (1st stage)

December 1, 2018 – January 15, 2019 (2nd stage)

Interviews February 15, 2019 – March 15, 2019 (live and distant)

What expenses covers the Organizing Committee of the Forum?

The Organizing Committee covers the registration expenses of every volunteer. The package of opportunities and privileges includes:

  • Accommodation in St Petersburg (for non-resident volunteers)
  • Transportation from place of stay to the Forum’s venue (St Petersburg Mining University), as well as between additional venues of events
  • Access to the Technical Sessions
  • A delegate’s bag, inclusive of Forum’s proceedings
  • Lunches over a period of the Forum

Accepting applications for participation in the volunteer program completed

Geographical spread of volunteers (by countries of origin)
Total: 32 countries

Azerbaijan Moldova
Belgium Nigeria
Brazil Oman
Cameroon Pakistan
Canada Poland
China Romania
Croatia Russia
Egypt Serbia
France South Sudan
Germany Spain
Ghana Turkey
Hungary UK
India Ukraine
Indonesia USA
Iran Uzbekistan
Kazakhstan Vietnam

Geographical spread of volunteers (by countries of residence)
Total: 31 countries

Australia Italy
Austria Kazakhstan
Azerbaijan Malaysia
Brazil Nigeria
Canada Oman
China Poland
Croatia Romania
Denmark Russia
Egypt Serbia
France Spain
Germany Switzerland
Ghana Turkey
Hungary UAE
India UK
Indonesia USA

Age distribution